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In Memory's Eye
Recollections of Canadian Parliamentarians

Preface (25k)

As one who had the privilege of serving in the Canadian House of Commons, observing, hearing, and reporting the speeches of its Members over a period of thirty-five years, this memoir seeks to reflect the impressions certain occupants of the Commons Chamber made upon the author.

Prime Ministers (56k)

John G. Diefenbaker Lester Bowles Pearson Pierre Elliot Trudeau
John Napier Turner Joseph Charles Clark Martin Brian Mulroney
Kim Campbell Joseph-Jacques Jean Chrétien

Honourable Members - Part 1 (106k)

Bert Herridge Harold Winch E. Davie Fulton
Howard Greene Erhart Regier Herman Maxwell Batten
Charles Granger Don Jamieson James McGrath
John Pickersgill Walter Pitman Ellen Fairclough
Richard Bell Douglas Fisher Alfred Hales
George Hees Paul Hellyer John Henry (Jack) Horner
Hugh Horner Judy LaMarsh James Macdonnell
Heath Macquarrie Eric Kierans Nicholas Mandziuk
Paul Martin Lionel Chevrier Erik Nielsen
Arnold Peters Frank Howard Douglas Jung
John Ross Matheson George James McIlraith Jay Waldo Monteith
George Clyde Nowlan John Patrick Nowlan John Knowles
Reynold Rapp Jean-Thomas Richard  

Honourable Members - Part 2 (131k)

Philip Bernard Rynard Michael Starr Lincoln Macauley Alexander
Ralph Cowan Ray Perrault Eldon Woolliams
Léon Balcer Gerald (Jed) William Baldwin William Moore Benedickson
Gordon Minto Churchill Réal Caouette Robert Thompson
Stanley Knowles Lynn McDonald Aideen Nicholson
Monique Bégin Iona Campagnola Simma Holt
Donald Stovel Macdonald Allan Bruce McKinnon Donald Munro
Colin Cameron Flora MacDonald Grace MacInnis
Lucien Cardin Heward Grafftey Sean O'Sullivan
Sheila Copps David Edward Crombie Vic Althouse
Les Benjamin Lorne Nystrom Lloyd Crouse
Gordon Towers Walter Dinsdale Bryce Mackasey
Walter Baker Bill Blaikie Alvin Hamilton
Jean Wadds    

Speakers of the House (42k)

Roland Michener Marcel-Joseph-Aimé Lambert Alan B. Macnaughton
Lucien Lamoureux James A. Jerome Jeanne Sauvé
Lloyd Francis John William Bosley John Allen Fraser

The Senate, The Monarchy and the people of Hansard (28k)

Acknowledgements (22k)


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