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Seán Mac an Bháird

And I take responsibility for the following four pieces:


Ancient Samhoir*

spring bubbling
infant gurgling
moorland plashing
merrily dashing
sweeping, swerving,
speeding swiftly
carving islands
slowing current
morning misting
surface clouding
lost from sunshine
standing still
till the lough
begins to narrow
and my race
renews itself
into gorge
in whitened frenzy
rushing wild
in roiling flood
soon a stretch
of limpid smoothness
destiny in reach
of sea
list the sound
of waters falling
Assaroe !
And I am free!

*Erne River


Brother Tree

Brother tree
Sister flower
Blue sky
White cloud

Blue sky
White cloud
Green grass
Yellow flower


Death by Drowning

little beetle
many legged
black and frightened
under rushing waters
died by drowning

in toilet bowl.



Uaigneas gan gaedhilge
Uaigneas i m'chroídh.
Uaigneas ar siubhail,
Uaigneas i m'shuidh;
Uaigneas 'san oidhche,
Uaigneas 'san lá;
Uaigneas roimh codhladh,
Uaigneas ar dhúiseacht;
Uaigneas 'sa chathair,
Uaigneas faoin tuath;
Uaigneas romham,
Uaigneas i m'dhiaidh;
Uaigneas ar farraige,
Uaigneas 'sa spéir;
Uaigneas ó'n deisceart,
Uaigneas ó'n tuisceart;
Uaigneas, fáiríor,
Gan mo theanga dhúthchais.

Agus leithsgéal do Phádraig.


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