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Bard and Ward Time Lines

To assist others who may be interested in the contributions made by the Ward-Bardic family in its many roles and evolutions throughout the history of Ireland, the following list, incomplete though it is, may provide a starting point. It is compiled from different sources, chiefly the Annals of the Four Masters (AFM), the Dictionary of National Biography (DNB), the Annals of Ulster (AU), otherwise known as "Annala Seanait" and O'Reilly's "Irish Writers" (IW), a chronological account of nearly 400 Irish writers, published in 1820.

Note: The chronological format has gaps which may be filled with the passage of time. The dates given are those of death where these were recorded. There is a clash in some dates between those given in the AFM and those in the AU. This has been resolved in the works of various scholars. The spellings are as given in the originals.

What is of interest to present-day bearers of the name is the appearance of 38 Wards in the annals from 1173 to 1696, a period of 523 years. Most were bards in the accepted sense of the term, others were ollamhs in medicine, and in 1572 one was hanged. What his alleged offence was, I have been unable to determine.

1173 Maelisa Mac Ward, Bishop of Clonfert-Brendan. AFM

1260 Fearghal Mac an Ward )
1260 Cearbhall Mac an Ward) brothers. DNB

1356 Mac-an-Bháird, sons of

1408 Mac Ward, Hy-Many. A.F.M.

1449 Gilchreest Mac Ward. AFM

1459 John Cam. A.F.M.

1478 Godfrey Mac Ward of Tirconnell, plague. AU

1488 Mac Ward of Oriel. A.F.M.

1495 Hugh Mac Ward, of Tirconnell. A.F.M.

1498 Aedh Mac-an-baird, victim of plague. A.U.

1507 Mac Ward of Oriel, killed. AFM

1509 Dearmot. AFM

1510 Mac Ward of Tirconnell, Owen Roe. AFM

1522 Hugh, slain. AFM

1531 Gillapatrick. AFM

1534 Cormac. AFM

1541 Mac Ward, Conor Roe. AFM

1546 Godfrey. AFM

1550 Mac Ward of Tirconnell, Feargal. AFM

1572 Mac Ward, Owen Roe, son of Farrell, hanged. AFM

1576 William Oge Mac-an-Ward. AFM

1583 Fearghal Macanward. DNB

1585 Maolmuire Macanward. DNB.

1590 Dermod. IW

1597 Mac Ward, Mulmurry, son of Cu-Uladh, a poet, killed. AFM

1604 Cu Ulaidh Macanward. DNB

1605 Conor Roe. IW

1608 Eoghan Macanward. DNB1609 Owen. AFM

1635 Hugh Macanward. DNB

1640 Eoghan Macanward. DNB

1649 Somhairle. IW

1655 Fearghal Og Mac an Bháird. IW

16-- Laoiseach Mac an Bháird.

1680 Eoghan Ruadh Mac an Bháird. NHI

1686 Patrick Macanward. DNB

1691 Dermod. IW

1696 Patrick Og.


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