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The Bards of Ireland--Part II
In Distant Homage ©
With detours, diversions, digressions, and the odd aside

The interest sparked by publication of Part I of The Bards of Ireland in November, 1999, calls for an addendum which includes notes gathered over the years on that subject, additional information on Eoghan Ruadh Mac an Bháird garnered from a long-forgotten file, and quotations from numerous sources on the living nature of the Irish language which may be of interest to readers outside the strict confines of academia.

With a masthead declaring the purpose of this home page to be "providing information, not glitz", sharing the harvest of knowledge gained from many sources over the years is, I believe, more useful than attempting to fit it into strict categories solely to meet normal standards of published studies in varied disciplines. Where possible, due acknowledgment is made of the sources, so that those inclined to consult the authorities quoted may find their task eased.


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