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Charlie Ward

I will not reap what other men
have sown,
I will not sign my
name to
other men's effusions
Nor falsify by my subscription

Nor steal another's word
Claim false title to my
neighbour's seed.
Paternity frustrated in its
native bed
Will not find fullness
by forgery,
But fleshly un-ful-filled
Will father words
To make all men and women
Sons and daughters.

Words good or bad
Words beautiful, self-conceived
In the hermaphrodite womb of
Mind and heart,
Words ugly when the thought is base,
Words, lighting words
That pinprick holes of light in
The dark veil shroud of our life
And let us glimpse of newness.
These words will be my own,
Will bear my name,
Will show the lineage of their paternity,
Their muddied ancestry,
My words,
My words.

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