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Eoghan Ruadh Mac an Bhaird
On a Gaelic Miscellany

O little book that bearest Aodh's name, in thee is ample lore, bound for the Island of the Fair, of bright sward, lore that will be sweet to Ireland's hosts.

Here in our mother tongue--what provision could be nobler?--is learning that will long be remembered in the land of Erin of green meadows.

Here is gathered a fair store of ears of corn gleaned from the field of famous authors for the leader of the host of Gulban Guirt.

Godly instruction besides, and knowledge of the art of arms, thou hast now for the land of Erin, with training in warfare and computation.

Who may be forming friendships in peace, thwarting evil and persecution, or undertaking war, he is not ripe without thy teaching.

Even for sons of the Church--well for those who read them--and for those who may follow the profession of arms, it is no loss to such to look at thee.

When Aodh 0 Domhnaill, hope of his country, has read thee, O booklet, utter what thou hast thereafter, hide it not from Dálach's good line.

From the race of Eoghan, one by one, or from the warriors of Cinél gConaill, conceal nothing; win their regard; it is fitting to share with the princes.

Nor from those who will love thee, descendants of Ír, Éireamhón or Éibhear, or of Lughaidh, son of generous Íoth--they will not be weary of hearing thee recited.

The Burkes and the Butlers will not be weary of thy tales, nor the Geraldines who won affection beyond the old families of Fintan's land.

Conceal from the race of Gaoidheal Glas no knowledge that thou hast found, nor from the Old English of the land of the Fair, with whom we, the warriors of Ireland, have united.

The sons of the poets of Inis Fail will be full of joy to greet thee, repeating thee from mouth to mouth; knowledge of thee will be famous in the island.

Show reverence to every one of the wise craftsmen; to them affection is due; I put thee under their protection.

Though I present thee to O Domhnaill above all in Fintan's land, go around the land on every side, share with every Irishman.

Our own Gaels and Fair Foreigners, blessings on them with sincerity. Take my blessing to the land of FáI, a blessing go with thee now, little book.

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