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John Ward
Clío, the Computer-age Cat

Clío is her name,
One known to fame;
With ancestral lines
That are really divine.

She reminds me of Noah,
And Moscow too;
Daisy and Gumby,
Tiger and Fluff;
And Mick,
The Russian bravado.
But Clío is different--she's
A computer-age cat!

Where they spilled milk
And sometimes ink,
Clío plays with
A keyboard mouse;
But what she prints out
Is only meowable--
Which leaves me
Completely non-pussed.

I've tried her in English
And late Irish too,
Small Latin, less Greek,
A pinch of Italian,
And of French
Just a smattering.
I'm darned if she
Doesn't know any.

She's mostly Burmese
With some slight Siamese,
And that may explain it.

After feeding
And washing,
Each day she spends
Dozing and snoozing.

She naps,
And she naps,
While I tap
And I tap;
And when she awakes
She jumps on my lap
And refuses to leave
Till I stop and I pat her.

I'll try--

(With due deference to Pangur Bán and Robin Flower)

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