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First Triumph Song

I, the Wind at Sea,
I, the rolling Billow,
I, the roar of Ocean,
I, the seven Cohorts,
I, the ox upholding,
I, the rock-borne Osprey,
I, the flash of Sunlight,
I, the Ray in Mazes.
I, the rushing Wild Boar,
I, the river Salmon,
I, the strength of Song.
I, the Spear for smiting Foemen,
I, the God for forming Fortunes!
Whither wend by glen or mountain?
Whither tend beneath the Sunset?
Whither wander seeking safety?
Who can lead to falling waters?
Who can tell the white Moon's ages?
Who can draw the deep ses fishes?
Who can show the fire-top headlands?
I, the poet, prophet, pray'rful,
Weapons wield for warriors' slaying:
Tell of triumph, laud forthcoming;
Future fame in soaring story!

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