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The Battle of Falgarragh
James Clarence Mangan

Not long ago in frost and snow
When days were cold and dark
A lorry took some Council men
To chip Falgarragh Park.
But youngsters who were playing there
Saw if the work was done
Their fun would be all over
For their sleighs they would not run.

Bob Tolan was the ganger
And a man of many wars.
Said he, "I fought the Black and Tans,
From them I bear no scars;
I fought in France and Flanders
And the Battle of Dunkirk;
Do you think today I'll run away
From urchins in the Park?"

The youngsters gathered round him
About a score and ten,
With shouts of "Up Falgarragh!"
And "Down the Council men!"
They tackled him from front and rear
With every kind of scrap,
And then a flanking fire
Which had him in a trap.

James Doherty got wounded
But I'll not say what he said,
For I hear he made some reference
To the Man to whom you bow your head;
He shouted for the doctor
And ran off for a guard,
And going past the Convent gate,
He was like a man was scared.

Then up speaks Patsy Fagan,
"The lorry I must save,
For if we stay much longer here
We'll never need a shave!"
He put the lorry in reverse
And quickly did retreat,
And they never stopped or looked around
'Till they came to Castle Street.

When they got to Castle Street
It was then they called the roll,
And to their joy and great relief
There was no deathly toll.
It was then the ganger made a vow,
Falgarragh he would pass,
If every pot-hole in the place
Could drown a tinker's ass!

The lads that's in Falgarragh now
Are of a fighting race,
And in the field of battle yet,
I'm sure they'll take their place.
If we only had that Army,
I'm going to let you know,
Sir Basil Brook might go and gook,
For the border it would go!

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