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The Hawk of the Erne
John Ward

Table of Contents
The River's Birth
The Tale of Inis Saimer
The Primitive's Tale
The River's Glory
Cairbre's Tale
The Vikings' Tale
Melaghan's Tale
The Big Wind
Mardar's Tale
The Monk's Tale
The Tale of the Guardian Angel
The Murderers' Tale
The Tale of Red Hugh
The Tale of Maurice-go fetch
The Seaman's Tale
The Tale of Maurice-go fetch Continued
The Tale of Cormac
The Tale of Cormac Continued
The Tale of Manuel
The Tale of an Old Man
The Tale of Princess Cathleen
The Tale of the Pilot's Daughter
The Tale of the Workinghouse Inmate
The Tale of the Orange Body
The Tale of the Eels
The Tale of Daisy
The Tale of the Maltese Mucker
The Day the Salmon Died
A Politician's Story
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