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November 2009 - Linking Canada and Ireland
What you will find in this e-zine:

John Ward, 1927 - 2009

Rest In Peace


Mise agus mo Sgéal réamfhocal do'n leathanach seo
(In Irish)

Canadian Vindicator

Articles from the new "Canadian Vindicator", an Internet publication, aimed at upholding the principle, "Justice to all classes; monopolies and exclusive privileges to none".

In October 2009 issue :

The Beluga Foresight.....A story hidden in plain sight
October’s Party.....A poem
Glory be to the Father.....A prayer
Musings.....As the seasons turn
Tobacco and cigarette ownership unveiled.....Behind the smoke


Stories and Collections

The Hawk of the Erne

A compendium of stories recounting the history of the Falls of Assaroe.

The Kindly Spot

Life in Ireland fifty years ago and more, focusing on Ballyshannon, site of the Falls of Assaroe, "the kindly spot, the friendly town" in Allingham's "The Winding Banks of Erne". A companion volume to "The Hawk of the Erne". Also included are historical references spanning four millennia of Donegal history.

The Friendly Town

This is the third volume in a series written to support the Internet campaign to restore the Falls of Assaroe.

Irish Chap-book

One family's legacy. Tales of joy, sorrow, and triumph.

River Requiem

The beauty and wonder of the Erne. A heartfelt requiem by Charlie Ward, journalist, broadcaster, and ardent angler.


In Memory's Eye

As one who had the privilege of serving in the Canadian House of Commons, observing, hearing, and reporting the speeches of its Members over a period of thirty-five years, this memoir seeks to reflect the impressions certain occupants of the Commons Chamber made upon the author.

John's Story

My brother Brian said that sometime I must write the story of what he called "that odyssey" which marked my early years. Now, approaching my eightieth year, I feel compelled to narrate the journey as seen through the eyes of childhood, aided by an old family album of photographs. It is as factual as memory permits. If it offers a glimpse into a child’s life in Ireland of the 1930s it will have served its purpose. All the characters in it are real. All are no longer living, except me!

St Eunan's College

A student's life in the 1940's

A Reporter's Reminiscences

Personal recollections of official reporter of the debates in the Dáil and Seanad.

Óglach - by Patricia MacBride

Patricia MacBride, the writer of this story Óglach (translation "Volunteer"), tells how the death of one of her brothers, when she was only eleven years old, affected her then, and since.



A three-act play dealing with the dilemma faced by Pontius Pilate in the trial of Jesus of Nazareth.

The Whole Damn Lot

A two-act play dealing with freedom of the Press, based on the prosecution of Francis Collins, a Newry man, founder and publisher of the "Canadian Freeman".

Poetry Selections

William Allingham
Padraic Colum
Samuel Ferguson
Earl Gerald Fitzgerald
Eily MacAdam
Eoghan Ruadh Mac an Bhaird
Laoiseach Mac an Bhaird
Art Mac Cubhtaigh
Donagh MacDonagh
Thomas MacDonagh
Louis MacNeice
James Clarence Managan
Feargal Og
Joseph Mary Plunkett
John Reade
Brian Ward
Charlie Ward
Geraldine Ward
John Ward


My Stroke and I
My Career in Aviation
John the Baptist
An Irish Valentine

Book Reviews

The Books of Soinbhe Lally
"Psalming the New Testament"
"Down Sterling Road" by Adrian Kelly

Assaroe Restoration Campaign

The Falls of Assaroe

A call to restore an historic salmon leap on the River Erne in Donegal.

Progress Report

Assaroe Restoration Campaign (ARC) - 2000 A.D.

Falls of Assaroe (image)

To view the Falls in their pristine pre-dam state.


First step to remedying environmental disaster.


Images of the people, places, and things used throughout the site, all put together in one collection.


The Famine

The Famine - "The Times" - and Donegal

A series of articles based on contemporary records of the famine.

Workhouse Famine Records 1
Workhouse Famine Records 2

Two articles on startling facts revealed by a local group, using material gleaned from Ballyshannon Workhouse records.

Girls Orphaned by the Famine

Memorial monument lists 400 among the thousands transported to Australia. Fate of Mary Allingham.

Trinity College Dublin - Two Articles:

"Overdue Account - Usurped Donegal lands granted to Trinity College Dublin"
"Trinity College and its influence on Irish Law", with additional information on use of usurped land holdings.

The "Vindicator" Story

Donegal's First Nationalist Newspaper

A new light on the history of a family newspaper spanning the transformation of Ireland from alien rule through civil war to Twenty-Six County independence. Second edition revised and expanded.

The Bards of Ireland

The Bards of Ireland - Part I
The Bards of Ireland - Part II

A millennium project paying homage to one group of bards (poets) whose work contributed much to the preservation of Irish history and literature.


Ballyshannon, Donegal

Gleanings, sports heroes, a ghost story, and more.


John Ward, author and web content provider.


Irish-related and other sites of interest.


How to get in touch.

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